PLANET SORPRESA is created by Berlin-based Visual Artist Christine Bachmann.
It all started in the early summer of 2015. For once I had bought strawberries from Spain in the supermarket. A small snail had hidden in the package and made the long journey to my Berlin kitchen. Inspired by this surprising find, I began to draw this tiny new animal friend. Many more drawings of other animals followed and so, over the years, a world of its own was created - the PLANET SORPRESA. "Sorpresa" is Spanish and means "surprise".

I want to enrich the world of children, stimulate their imagination and thinking, and give them a place, a parallel world, to which they can travel and feel comfortable. I remember how important such worlds were for me in my childhood. They gave me joy, strength or support and comfort. Today I also draw with my inner child. The inner children of other adults can also enjoy my illustrations and find valuable companionship
The first snail, 2015
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